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Mel B an Undercover Lesbian? Nanny Claims They Had a "Seven Year Affair"

April 24, 2017GWL Staff

So scary Spice is also "nasty and freaky" Spice behind closed doors? Get the details inside >>

In light of her nasty divorce petition from estranged husband Stephen BelafonteMel B is currently doing damage control after her nanny claimed they had an affair for seven years, while she was still married.

The nanny, Lorraine Gilles, who recently filed a lawsuit inside a California court house, is suing Mel B for defamation after the singer claimed she had sex with her husband, and now details have reportedly emerged from the nanny’s lawsuit.

In the court documents, Gilles claimed Mel had an affair after she was seduced as an 18-year-old, with the pair having sex ‘multiple times’ a week. Her lawyers state in the documents: ‘Gilles’ sexual and employment relationship with Brown continued for approximately seven years.
‘The couple had sex sporadically, sometimes having sex multiple times in a week and at other times going months without sex, the court docs claimed. ‘Belafonte was not present during most of the sexual encounters between Gilles and Brown.
Mel B however admits to having threesomes and claims Stephen cheated alone on several occasions. Also, Stephen is trying to shake down the former Spice Girl for millions and custody of their kids including visitation rights to see her daughter from past relationship with Eddie Murphy.

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