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Joe Budden Claps Back At Meek Mill's Latest Diss

July 27, 2016GWL Staff

Joe Budden is never really the one to be caught up in online drama except for his "personal business" hitting front page...you know, nudity and drug scandals, but I digress." Now, the rapper is responding to Meek Mill's latest diss track.

Budden, who seems to be on everyone’s hit list, fired shots a the Philly-native on Twitter saying "f--k Meek" and “I have issues when celebs throw stones & hide behind fans.”

According to Vibe Magazine, the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper have since denied his intentions to ever release a diss track about Budden, just days after he posted a video containing a snippet of the song that clearly calls out the Slaughterhouse rapper by name.
“N***as say that we beefing, probably ain’t gonna see ‘em/I’m just pushing the buttons/Buddens on ‘em and they gon’ leave ‘em,” Meek raps.
Joe also made an hilarious snap back at Meek saying he predicted that Meek would try to end him with "all watch brands."
Just heard a Meek snippet where he’s “dissing” me… Spoiler alert, he also mentions a Rolex… Sounds hard tho. — Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) July 26, 2016
He pretty much claimed Meek's spit game is "wack".

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