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NeNe Leakes' Attitude Pisses Off Bravo Producers; Cast Members Can "No Longer" REFUSE to Film With Other Castmates!

June 12, 2014GWL Staff

Filming the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reality show was once a breeze, but a certain cast member has led the RHOA producers to lay down some new house rules that states "no cast mate can refuse to film with the other, even if they REALLY despise them."

Is this because of Sheree Whitfield's alleged return? An insider told AATRH that the show's producers have had it with the egos of the house-wives and recently held a "private meeting with all the Atlanta ladies -- concerning the issue at hand."

The producers threatened the ladies by saying, "if they expect to stay on the show and receive their paycheck, they will do what every employee do — THEIR JOB!"

The insider continued, producers have especially had it with NeNe’s superior attitude. "They know that this is her only "million dollar" job and she won’t quit despite her outrageous demands," the insider added. "Not only that, she’s never had anything interesting going on in her life that could carry her on the show and her interaction with her castmates is what makes her interesting."

It looks like Mrs. Leakes' Real Housewives of Atlanta rein has come to an end!

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