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NeNe Leakes Leaving "Real Housewives of Atlanta"; Says "No Amount of Money Is Worth This Much Drama" [REPORT]

April 01, 2014GWL Staff

We're about to give you the full report on NeNe Leakes' decision to leave the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" franchise, still going strong on "Dancing With The Stars" and whether or not she's still friends with co-star Cynthia Bailey.

Over the weekend, Mrs. Leakes went on a brief Twitter rant to basically confirm she will be quitting the show, "no amount of money is worth this much drama," the reality star tweeted before deleting the series tweets.

We were however able to cop the main tweet that states her exit:

While we're pretty sure NeNe could score herself a new gig if she should decide to leave the show, but knowing Bravo, they're not about to let their "cash cow" walk... just yet.

Now, it looks like NeNe has scored herself a spot on the upcoming week (4) of "Dancing With The Stars." Last week, judge Robin Roberts commended the starlet on "showing a different side of herself through her dancing."

In honor of celebrating a great year (2013), NeNe gave an unforgettable performance on week (3) of DWTS -- dancing to "Rumba" and Whitney Houston's "I Believe In You and Me" while thinking of her second marriage to her first husband, Gregg Leakes.

“You have this enormous personality but you showed a different side of you,” Roberts said. “You showed the sensual side of him.”

Lastly, it also appears that Cynthia and NeNe are no longer best friends (just friends) following NeNe's comments made about Cynthia's husband Peter Thomas during the RHOA stars trip to Mexico.

Courtesy of People's Mag:
"The way he came at me I didn't really appreciate it," Thomas told his wife after everyone had returned from the trip. "He told me he was giving me a pass … was he actually gonna have a fistfight with me?"
"I do not feel bad for addressing her husband because he's always addressing everybody else," NeNe told her own husband. "I did feel like he was a bitch. I did."
"Bottom line is friends don't go around calling friends bitches," a calm yet upset Bailey said. "Right is right, and wrong is wrong … I'd rather not be friends with them if that is the case."
Though the B played a prominent role in their private conversation and repeated some many times, the couples met for dinner (read: vodka tonics) to address their fight, and it was more than awkward in the beginning, but they eventually made up.

NeNe also tweeted (maybe saying she's still OR not so tight with Bailey-Thomas since Cynthia bashed her last week!)

Lastly, Leakes will add live theater to her repertoire when she joins the cast of "Zumanity," one of Cirque du Soleil’s several Las Vegas shows, for a limited run starting in late June.

Vidoes anyone?

After her performance of the "Jive", Gregg gave his wife a hug and a big kiss on the lips.

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