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Alicia Keys Is Now Focused On Painting! [Photos]

January 03, 2012GWL Staff

This goes to show you that the chick has many talents! Alicia Keys is not that frequent in music these days. But that does not necessarily mean she has put herself to rest. She’s quite busy in major moves behind the scene. She has recently got the directorial seat for Lifetime’s “5″ and her latest production endeavor “Stick Fly” is on broadway.

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However, her fans won’t have to wait much longer as she and her husband Swiss Beats are reportedly putting finishing touches on the follow-up of 2009 “The Element of Freedom.” We’ve got pictures of Alicia working hard in these paintings.


Apart from all of these, she is keeping herself busy on something quite different. The musical family took to Los Angeles’ Mr. Brainwash art exhibit that features interesting depictions of popular pop figures including Michael Jackson, Madonna and so on.

See more pics below:





These are just amazing!

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