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Updated Crazy News: Fired Fashion Stylist kills BOSS, With Nine Others Injured In A Shootout In Midtown, Manhattan! (Photos)

Today's crazy news comes in, where A fired fashion stylist named 
Jeffrey Johnson wearing a suit was shot dead by the NYPD this morning outside the Empire State Building. More details below.................

CRAZY NEWS: A Young Black Teen Being Kept Off Heart Transplant List Due To Past Behavior!

I haven't posted a crazy news in a long time, but this one was worth the post!

So, a 15 year-old teen in DeKalb County is reportedly being kept off a heart transplant list due to his past behavior.

The teen --Anthony Stokes-- is currently receiving treatment at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston., with doctors saying he doesn't qualify for the hospital's transplant list.

CRAZY NEWS: New Study Shows MORE BLACK TEENS Are Likely To Be GAY Than Any Other Race!

I just had to label this as a crazy news, even though their is some truth behind this story. According to new reports, more black teens are most likely to be gay than any other race.

Crazy News: 13-Year-Old Boy From Detroit Abducted From School & RAPED By 2 Men!

Hell is just way too good for those bastards!.....

On Wednesday, a 13 year-old boy was snatched from his school after opening the doors to two unknown men, and taken behind a club house where he was brutally raped by the men, according to Fox news.

The boy was taped with his hands behind his back and describe the men as one being white and the other black. More details below...............

New Details In Crazy News: Autopsy Shows Chavis Carter Died Of A Suicide!?????

Something ain't right in the milk!!! ... According to reports, an Autopsy has ruled that the death of 20 year-old Chavis Carter, who was shot while handcuffed in the back of a Jonesboro, Arkansas police car, was in fact a suicide. More details below....................

Crazy News: Posh Perfume Shop hit With Shocking $3 Million Racism Lawsuit: 'I was afraid to speak to a black customer'

Two former employees at a perfume shop in NYC, are claiming that their boss Laurice Rahme called African-Americans “thieves” — and used a code phrase to alert security when dark-skinned customers came into the store.

One of the suing employee is saying the Perfume's cost a fortune but the owner stinks! More details below.................

EXCLUSIVE: Vh1 Edits Fight Between Jackie Christie & Brooke Bailey, Plus What Really Happened On "Basketball Wives: LA" & More!

Last night, Basketball Wives: LA may have bumped up their ratings a bit (even though I missed the whole fight), as we just received word that Jackie Christie might be the crazy/badass chick she protrays herself to be on the show, according to an insider.

2 Chainz Saying 'Nicki Minaj's Alter Ego's Are "Crazy" Plus NeNe & Her 2-Month-Old Granddaughter Bri’asia POSES For IN TOUCH Mag!

Rapper 2 Chainz is talking about his unusual friendship with Nicki Minaj, admitting that with all her alter egos are "crazy as hell".

The G.O.O.D Music rapper dropped by RapFix Live for an exclusive interview with Sway Calloway. Plus, Nene Leaks is showing off her Granddaughter for the first time In Touch Magazine. More details below................

CRAZY NEWS: Mom Accuses Cops of Beating Her Son & BREAKING His Nose After shoplifting Bust! [PIC]

This is a story I never wanted to report due to the graphic photo but then again I'm all for justice and I hope the cop/s who did this will be brought to justice!

CRAZY NEWS: Man Slashes Wrists With Two Knives Outside 'Today' Show Studio..Blames The GOVERNMENT For His Actions! [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]

On Thursday morning, a suicidal Queens man named, Pok Chong Mar, decided to create a scene outside the "Today Show" studios on Rockefeller Plaza by slashing his wrists with two sharp knives.

According to Matt Lauer, "it was sorta too late for the man to be saved by police and security personnel after he had already sustained severe injures. Graphic photos and videos were also taken during the time of incident."

CRAZY NEWS: 18 Year-old Charged With Raping 50 Year-old Woman!

What a sick story to kick off the New Year!

According to Police Officials, 18 year-old James Shorty, of Momence, Kankakee County, is charged with sexually assaulting a 50 year-old woman near the Morse CTA Red Line stop on December 19th around 5:45 a.m.

CRAZY NEWS: NYPD Officer ARRESTED By FBI Over Failed Plot To Kidnap Women & Cook Them!

NYPD, Harlem based cop, Gilberto Valle, 28, was charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping and unauthorized use of computer access. While failing to commit acts of cannibalism. 

CRAZY NEWS: 20 Year-old Black Female SET ON FIRE By KKK In Louisiana!

20 year-old Sharmeka Moffitt, a black female, was found with half her body severely burned on Sunday night, with her car tagged with "KKK" letters and a few racial slurs.

According to Louisiana State Police spokeswoman LT. Julie Lewis, after police officials responded to Moffitt's emergency call, they found her with half of her body badly burned along with her car being vandalized.

Crazy News: 22-Year-Old Man Rapes 4-Year-Old Girl & Abuses 7-Month Old While Recording The Sexual Acts With His Cell! (Video)

I call for some serious castration to be done on this man, and as for the girl, I don't even know what to say!

22 year-old, Volusia County, Thomas Fleming is accused of repeatedly raping a 4 year-old girl and sexually abusing a 7 month-old along with his ex-girlfriend while recording and taking snapshots of the whole thing.

Crazy News: Fashion Executive Pleads Guilty To Butchering His 23 Year-Old Girlfriend!

34 year-old Raul Barrera pleaded guilty on Monday for stabbing his 23 year-old girlfriend, Sarah Coit, in her apartment on Clinton Street.

According to NYdailynews, Raul who was a publicist for Propaganda NY and Coleman Entertainment Group, attacked the former Hunter College Student last year during a fight in their fashionable Clinton St. apartment. 

Crazy News: 30 year-old Rapist 'Posed On Facebook As Teen, Then Lures 16 year-old Rape Victim to Park, & kills her before trial

30 year-old Franklin Davis, who's a Texas native, did one of the most sinful acts two years ago.

Davis, posed as a teenager on Facebook to meet up with 16-year-old Shania Gray after school. Within an hour of Davis picking her up, cops said, she was dead. More details below........

Crazy News: Man Arrested For Murder In New Jersey After SLASHING 6-Year Old Throat!

Early Sunday morning, 31 year-old Osvaldo "Popeye" Rivera was arresting for committing one of the most horrific acts in Camden, New Jersey that left a 6 year old dead.

Rivera was found hiding a few miles from the crime scene, where police officials are saying that his bloody sneaker print places him at the crime. More details below..............

Crazy News: Detroit Man WANTED For With Calling 3-year-old A ‘HO,’ & Shooting her!

An 20 year old unnamed Detroit native is wanted for shooting 3-year-old Amyria Parham after calling her a "ho" on Tuesday, according to the girl's mother.

The shooting came after an alleged confrontation, where a man described to be in his 20s started yelling derogatory words at Amyria while she played with another little girl. More details below.......

CRAZY NEWS: Crazed Dad Posts Deranged Message On Facebook Before Shooting His 19-Month Old Daughter And Himself! [PHOTOS]

Why are folks using Facebook as a suicidal outlet before committing ungodly acts?!

On Monday night, a 22-year-old crazed Colorado dad captured his final moment on Facebook before he shot his own daughter and then wrote about it on Facebook then takes his own life.

CRAZY NEWS: Woman Dressed Up As Boston Marathon Bombing Victim Gets FIRED From Her Job Following TONS of Backlash & THREATS!

During last week's Halloween festivities, a 22-year-old Michigan woman named Alicia Ann Lynch posted a picture of herself on Twitter and Instagram dressed up for Halloween as a victim in April's Boston Marathon Bombing.

Lynch, who used the Twitter handle @SomeSKANKinMI, sported runner's clothing and fake splattered blood.

Social Media users, who tweeted their disgust, were on full attack mode filling her Twitter stream with tons of threats.

According to SHINE:

"But the backlash didn’t stop there. When some discovered that Lynch had once posted a photo of her driver’s license online, they used her home address and other personal information to assist with further attacks. One user tweeted that he sent Lynch a vile package, others found racy photos of her online and circulated them, and some even tracked down her parents’ contact information and sent them death threats."

Shine also added:
The incident triggered a global discussion about basic judgment on social media and whether cyberbullying (in response to Lynch’s costume choice) was justified. Lynch also said, "I’ve had voicemails where they want to slit my throat and they want to hang me and tear off my face. 
I’m just like, I don’t even know how to respond to this right now" and "Honestly, it’s the Day of the Dead. I wasn’t a dead person, I wasn’t being disrespectful. I was a survivor of a marathon. And it’s not like I was walking around with a fake leg or my arm torn off or something like that.” 
She said that she wasn’t concerned about the possibility of prospective employers learning about the incident. “I have nothing to hide. It happened, I made a mistake. I just have to learn from it. I’m not a terrible person,” she said.
As a result Lynch announced on Tumblr that she has deactivated her social media accounts since the onset of the threats and was recently fired from her job, reports BUZZFEED.

Did she deserve to be fired?