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Becoming a part of the experience means teaming up to engage the audience of with dynamic, thoughtful, and seamlessly integrated advertising & product seeding through contest & giveaways. 

The readers of are smart, intelligent, savvy, ambitious, and most of all consumers of culture. Here at the gossipcenter we refine the taste level, strong following, and a desire to associate with the best. This makes them a very aspirational bunch. They love dialogue and enjoy sharing their opinions and thoughts, so feedback is instantaneous, whether through blog comments or twitter feeds and responses. They come from all walks of life and are creative-minded, always looking to push the envelope and agitate culture. 

Advertising is important to them. In an era where conventional advertising methods have become almost cliché they seek out the most thoughtful and clever ads and campaigns to digest and immerse themselves within. The audience of gossipwelove welcomes being engaged, spoken to, and with that, we would like to introduce them to your message.

At we welcome Partnership and celebrate Collaboration with brands, blogs, and agencies that want to deliver and convey the Authentic Experience to the most captive, influential, and loyal audiences and followers.

Are you that brand or company?

It’s one thing to have a post on a blog with short commentary on product. But at we don’t want to stop there. We want to connect your brand, story and deeply engage with this market’s Architects of Culture. Partnership with can become even more fruitful by collaborating with the lifestyle blogger himself to cover your events and your product launches around the world.

Partnership can also mean co-creating and co-developing exclusive products to share with his audience and yours or just to have him partake in your brand’s experience and document that process through his eyes. At gossipwelove it is about creating a defining and unique difference with every post, every discussion.

If you are interested in partnering with Shane Witter &, please contact him via email or