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Naomi Campbell vs. Rihanna.... What Started the Beef?

May 04, 2017GWL Staff

Just when you thought the beef between Naomi Campbell and Rihanna was squashed earlier this year, there seem to still be some issues -- allegedly over “jealousy.”

Back in March, Campbell appeared on Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live" and cleared up any rumor that claimed she had a beef with the 29-year-old pop Princess, by saying she "had no problem with [Rihanna] and we've always been a notable public supporter of each other."
"Everything's fine," Campbell smiled coyly, as if we were meant to think otherwise. "Of course it's fine... I'm an actress now, Andy," she cackled. Cohen replied, "I'm trying to think what the beef could be about." Then the 46-year-old got real about any purported tiff with RiRi. "I don't have beef," she clarified. "I don't have beef, especially with Black women that I think are powerful. And out there we're all in the same thing. [We're in] the same struggle."
Just a few days after Naomi's interview, the duo unfollowed each other on Twitter. But it was a quite obvious at Monday night's Met Gala in New York City that the ladies were no longer a fan of each other and the cameras were there to capture it all. Check out the video below.....

But the question on everyones mind is, why anyone would want two women as incredible as Rihanna and Naomi Campbell to be in a feud is beyond us

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