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Keyshia Cole RESPONDS to Sister Neffe's Living Situation + Headed to "LHHH"

April 24, 2017GWL Staff

Keyshia Cole and her sister Neffe Pugh has had an ongoing feud that spans over the last 5-6 years whether it's on camera and/or social media, but now it looks like these two will never squash their family feud. Get the details inside >>>

Neffe recently appeared on Iyanla's Fix my life, where she talked about her broken marriage, living in a hotel room with her husband and five children, alcohol abuse and Cole, 35, not caring for her. In the two-part episode, things got really heated between the two... forcing Iyanla to call Neffe a "Guttersnipe."

On the show, Neffe revealed that most of her serious anger issues have put a strain on her marriage and explained to Iyanla that, "[Her] anger comes from her  first marriage and losing her son." The former reality star also revealed that one of her 5 children is expecting a baby and her finances is already tied up.

Neffe's husband of five years, Shelby Lowery, says he loves his wife dearly but believes she has a serious drinking problem and "spends at least $150 per week on alcohol." Shelby told Iyanla that although he loves his wife, he can't continue to deal with her drinking problem and support an alcoholic.

SPOILER ALERT: Neffe, who recently visited Big Tigger's V-103 radio show, told the show's host that she is currently going through a divorce and although Shelby considers her to be a violent person, they still remain friends.

Though Iyanla wasn't successful in fixing Neffe's marriage, she did however say she's becoming a better person. 

And over the weekend, fans reached out to Cole via Twitter asking her why won't she take care of her sister that quickly sparked a response from the singer. See tweets below:

Cole said that this will be the last time she responds to questions about her sister's living situation. And as for talks about her heading to "Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood," Cole confirmed she will be a regular on the show along with her estranged husband, Daniel Gibson.
According to Cole, filming has already started and the new season will premiere in June. Aside from the money and the possible platform to share new music, word on the street is that we’re her BFF, Remy Ma, was the one to convince her to do the show. Remy already stars on the New York installment and, for the most part, has managed to avoid petty drama while sharing the ins and outs of her family life.
Be sure to let's us know what you think about Cole heading to LHHH in the comments below...

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