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Best #Beauty Tips Every #Woman Should Know.......

January 26, 2017GWL Staff

We love good beauty tips, and if you are here reading this, that means you love them just as much as us! So, we decided to put together all our favorite beauty tips in one place!

Let’s have a look at what they are:

• To make your eyes appear less red, wear some white eyeliner in your water line. This will also make you look more awake.

• Dry your nail polish quickly by dipping your nails in a bowl of ice-cold water. This will allow them to dry out very fast; the trick really works!

• Extend life of your mascara by adding in 2-3 drops of saline solution. Shake it well and enjoy applying your mascara 2-3 more times!

Enjoy smudge-proof eye makeup by using a blotting tissue on the lids to remove any excess oil from them. Next, apply a little bit of cream concealer as it will allow hold things in place.

• Your blush should always start at a two finger distance from your nose.

• Make your cheek bones appear higher by applying a bronzer under the cheekbone and highlighter on the cheekbones. Don’t forget to blend everything well!

• Always balance out your shimmer when doing makeup. Opt for a matte lipstick when doing a shimmery eye.

• Give your hair a more tousled look by brushing out your curls using your fingers.

• Always moisturize your skin and out on primer before applying any makeup.

• Apply some shimmery lip gloss on the center of your lips (both top and bottom) as this will make them look pouty.

• To get a perfect cat-eye, use a thin liner brush that is pointed at the end. Enjoy more staying power by using a gel liner.

• Get fuller lips by extending the lip line by making use of a flesh tone lip liner. Just remember not to go too overboard!

• Manage oil and shine in your T-Zone by using blotting papers.

Remember your skin protects you from the elements of the outside world, and that means it can take a heavy beating from time to time. So following these simple beauty tips on a regular basis will not only save you a lot of time and trips to the dermatologist but to maintain a better looking you!

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