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REAL or FAKE? Justin Bieber Cuddles In Bed With Two Guys!

1:29 PM GWL Staff 3 Comments

On Saturday morning, an alleged photo of Justin Bieber went viral on Facebook... showing the pop superstar asleep in bed with two other guys.

Maybe there's nothing gay about Bieber having his foot on another dude ... wrapped up under the same covers right? Or maybe the photo was photo-shopped because someone obviously snapped the pic who wasn't laying in bed.

So as much as we would love for Justin to come clean and take a few pitches on the other side, this might just be boys being boys after a wild night of partying.

We're wondering how many millions will put Boyfriend on repeat and cry sad, salty, but he was supposed to marry ME tears now. Anyhow, you be the judge!

I say it looks PHOTO-SHOPPED! Who with me?


  1. he got the midnight train to georgia and he was the caboose