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VIDEO: Oprah WInfrey Gives A Car Away on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Oprah might not be able to afford a handbag in Switzerland, but the media giant certainly can afford to give away cars.  That’s exactly what she did on Jimmy Kimmel Live, that’s right she’s such a boss she gives away cars on other people’s shows now!

Oprah seemed to all of the sudden be taken over by the urge to give a car away, when she asked an audience member to come up on stage.

“I want to say this to you…you get a car!  You get a car!  These are the keys to your car!  You get a car!”

The moment was capped of with confetti dropping from the ceiling and the audience member being taken out of the studio to her new car.  Of course this is nothing new for Oprah, she famously gave a car to 276 members of her audience in 2004.  

She explained the urge to give away the car by saying: 

“Every once in a while it just happens. Especially when I skip lunch.”

See it all unfold below:

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