Kelly Rowland,

YES PLEASE! Kelly Rowland Drops "Kisses Down-Low" Video + Trey Songz "Fumble"

10:03 AM GWL Staff 6 Comments

Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland has finally released her colorful music video for her "Kisses Down-low" single. Check it out below:

Plus, R&B singer Trey Songz recently released his "Fumble" music video which is off his Chapter V. album:

Trigga also had this to say: 
"...this song is about having that one person that’ll do whatever for you, the one person that’ll go to the end of the world and back, and you not realizing it until it’s damn near too late. It’s essentially about having someone’s heart in your hands and dropping it.”
......But are you feeling it?


  1. Hate the song. She has such a gorgeous voice but she keeps wasting it on these generic R&B sex songs.

    I like the video it reminds me of "Bootylicious".

  2. yawn u mean i wasted my time once again Kelly, Maybe one day u will get it together cas this aint it. not amazed, doubt i will listen or watch this again,

  3. ugh - hate kelly's new video and the song is rubbish. will always be in beyonce's shadow

  4. Agreed...agreed I couldn't watch this all the way another wack one Kelly tryin way toooooo hard since she got fake tits b&$@#! Is this all wat u about now u n nothing but sex videos u doin the obvious to stay shows..girl do a ballad or sumthn damn!!!

  5. Jealous, much!??