Claudia Jordan,

WHOA! Claudia Jordan Talks Beefing With Tamar Braxton & Says Suge Knight Forces Gay Sex On Young Men! [Video]

2:42 PM GWL Staff 5 Comments

I guess Ms. Claudia Jordan hasn't received the memo, because she might come up missing in a day or two....everybody and they mama know not to mention Suge Knight's name!

Anyhow, this morning Jordan hit up New York City Power 105.1s "The Breakfast Club" to address her recent beef with WeTv's pregnant reality star Tamar Braxton, where she claims there's no beef and has no relationship with her. But Tamar did block her a-- on Twitter, so someone's lying!

She also touched on rap-mogul Suge forcing gay sex on young men-- raping them with a screw driver and more.

Watch the video below (starts 9:57):


  1. Lol.....yo these bitches be comin out the woodworks tryna get killed.

  2. its like ever since Suge got knocked out people arent afraid of him anymore. I would never have the courage to let this kind of stuff leak out. I feel like the headline is gonna read "Celebrity apprentice contestant missing!"

  3. she's beautiful.. but it's never a good thing when she starts gossiping smh

  4. Oh wow, she really went there

  5. Wow if he did all that, he needs to be in jail or killed