Kobe Bryant,

Vanessa Bryant Claims She Is The Reason Why Kobe Has A "Successful Career!"

8:45 AM GWL Staff 2 Comments

Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa Bryant is claiming that she is the reason why her husband has such a successful career in the NBA, after a fan of the 34 year-old LA Lakers shooting guard was directly taking shots at her on Instagram, last night.

Here's what the fan had to say:

And even though she didn't exactly make or deny the claims, Vanessa then took offense to what the fan was saying by responding with:

Also, the couple, who was in the process of a divorce since December 2011 after the Pro-baller was caught cheating, suddenly dropped their divorce action earlier this year (January 2012) to rekindled their romance and was spotted together at the Warner Brothers Instyle: Golden Globes after-party in Hollywood, California.


  1. I hope she doesn't really think Kobe wouldn't have been as successful in the NBA without her. If she does believe that I would love to hear her reasons... would be a good laugh

  2. she has definitely had his back so throughout his stressful times she probably help push him when he wanted to quit