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Tyga Detained by Police & Gets Lamborghini With No Plates & Registration Towed in Hollywood! [Video]

12:56 PM GWL Staff 5 Comments

Last night, rapper Tyga was detained by LAPD for driving his white Lamborghini Aventador with no plates, no current registration and no license!

According to Law enforcement officers, "the 23 year-old rapper was pulled over around 11 p.m., for traffic violation in Hollywood. But when asked for his license and registration--he had neither."

However, he was not arrested for the violations-- but the police had the "Rack City" rapper take a field sobriety test and issued him a citation, and had his car impound.

Tyga also took to Twitter to vent his frustrations by saying, "F--K LAPD."


video spotted at TheGossipWrapUp


  1. They have the entire LAPD force just for his ass. LMAO!

  2. You dont need that stuff to drive a car on a public road do you? Haa

  3. Y r{ some} rich people sooo ignorant!!!!

  4. Let me get this straight...this moron had a lambo with no plates, no registration and no drivers license and mad cause he got impounded. Wow!