Kanye West,

OH NO!! Kanye West Reportedly Wants To Name His Baby ‘North’ + Nicki Minaj On That Long 'Real' Hair Game?

5:13 PM GWL Staff 7 Comments

According to MrsGrapevine, rapper Kanye West is allegedly telling friends that he'll be naming his baby girl with Kim Kardashian, North, because it goes well with his surname.

The site reports:
"He sounded out pals about the moniker last month while working in Paris during fashion week.
But the title is unlikely to go down well with girlfriend Kim, 32, whose family have a tradition of starting their first names with a K."
......Um, can someone please tell me he's kidding or this story is false???!!


"YMCMB" rapstress and "American Idol" judge, Nicki Minaj is still trying to convince fans that her hair is real by posting yet another back hair pic with caption: "I'm a wear it out when it touches my ass."

Like that will ever happen-- actually it would with a few real human hair extensions. I'm just saying!

Do you thing it's real, or she got a few tracks in the front or hidden somewhere in that black forest?


  1. If she were white or mixed,it wouldn't be questioned!!!!!smh!!....

    1. Thank you!!! I'm black and my hair is long and people always asking me what I'm mixed with! Why the hell do you have to be mixed to have long hair!?!!

  2. For a woman who wears such ugly wigs, I don't know why she's showing off her "real" hair. And why she's not showing her hairline.

    1. But what woman in the industry really wear there "real " hair? Everyone wears think Beyonce hair real

  3. Haha! Yeah fucking right, her hair is as real as her ass and titties! Psssh....ain't nuthin in her real!

  4. Nikki know she stole this pic off a lhcf thread.

  5. Who cares?!! Really...