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Evelyn Lozada ACCUSED Of Having An Affair With Someone From Lil Wayne’s Young Money Camp!

Chad Ochocinco is not done yet, as he’s now accusing his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada of having an affair with someone in Lil Wayne’s camp while she was married to him. 

The unemployed Pro-Baller also attacked the reality star’s publicist, Dankia BerryHere’s what he had to say:

And to show how professional Berry is, she did not respond to the attention hungry baller. However, Evelyn responded with, “Keep talkin’ cuz I’m walkin..” because she’s still on the hunt for a god fearing husband.

Plus, knowing that he was fired from the NFL due to headbutting his ex-wife last summer, the 35 year-old seemed to have learned his lesson during a recent interview with CSN Houston:

“I did mess up, you know, I messed up once… I made my bed and have to lay in it. Some people are given second chances; some people aren’t. I think at this point I’ve learned my lesson…I’m trying to right all my wrongs and finally, it reflects that I am human.”

Ochocinco is also looking for future opportunities with another NFL team:

“You know, I’m in no position to be picky,” he said. “There aren’t very many people who get second chances. For me, I think I’ve been very good to the NFL and for the NFL over a number of years, making the game fun and exciting.”

Um, do think anyone will want to recruit him if he keeps bashing people on Twitter?

Image credit: GlobalGrind

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