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JUICY GOSSIP: Mimi Faust’s Boyfriend Nikko Is PACKING, Stevie J. Can’t Match Up!

First let me say, thanks to our readers for keeping us up-to-date with some very juicy tips!… 

Now, once again I was going through the tip emails and found a pic of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality star Mimi Faust’s new boyfriend Nikko in the nude and he was packing, like YES GAWD!

And even though he doesn’t really have much of a background (despite him working with Timberland and few other artists), the songwriter and producer, who is originally from Brooklyn, NYC, lived in Los Angeles for many years and that’s where he met Mimi before losing contact and moving to Atlanta.

According to the source (who sent us an image which we will not post), Mimi is completely over Stevie J and his antics, because “she has found someone who is all man, gives her much needed attention and more.”

But word on the street is that homeboi is playing on two sides of the fence (all about that Bisexual life) and Mimi is completely blinded by it. Plus, Stebbie, who can’t match up, is not having it… as he too thinks Nikko is using MiMi for publicity, along with his daughter.

However, Mimi is not bothered by Stevie’s comments as she had a few words of her own:

“He’s still playing this game where he wants me to deal with him while he’s dealing with her [Joseline Hernandez] and Lord knows who else. I’m cool on that. I don’t want to be bothered.”

All I can say is, when the camera starts rolling in April, the images will be flying! 

So what’s your take on this?
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