Popular Atlanta Rapper J. Futuristic Shot 6 Times While Shooting New Music Video!

11:54 PM Justin Whitt 0 Comments

According to MTV, popular Atlanta rapper J. Futuristic aka J. Money was shot 6 times last week during the video shoot for his single "Hold Up" and he barely made it out alive!

 Here's what MTV had to say:
Rapper J. Money was shot six times last week while prepping a video shoot for his single "Hold Up." Currently hospitalized, the Atlanta artist, known for his hit "First Name, Last Name" is in stable condition and spoke to RapFix from the hospital.

Saying that the gunfire came without warning, J was shot multiple times with bullets hitting his calf, arm, back and leg. "[They] just started coming from everywhere," he told RapFix. "Like a hundred shots. It just came from everywhere, man. It was crazy. It was a nightmare."
Watch the clip below: