Karrine Steffans,

WHO'S THE DADDY? Karrine "SUPAHEAD" Steffans Announce She's Pregnant For Lil Wayne!

8:12 AM GWL Staff 6 Comments

With having multiple sex-partners, a crazy yet confusing relationship between her ex-boyfriend and ex-husband, to still being in love with rapper Lil Wayne, getting a Weezy inspired tattoo and planning to write a Tell-All, former video vixen Karrine "Supahead" Steffans has announced she has a bun in the oven. 

But who's the daddy?... according to Karrine, Weezy holds the title for this unborn child.


  1. Weezy better make sure he get a DNA test for this shady chick

  2. considering she is smoking in this clip, i hope she isn't pregnant.

  3. Sounds like Karrine just hit the jackpot. Army Green

  4. If Lil Wayne had ANY sense what's so ever, he would file for sole custody of this child. If its even his that is. Its obvious she's been looking for a meal ticket all her life and now she thinks she has one in this unborn child. If it even is a child..smh..