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Video Vixen “Delianna” POST Emails From Bow Wow Begging To Be Her Bf + Delianna Responds To Reports Saying “I Was Hacked”

Yesterday, a former Video Vixen named Delianna Urena allegedly posted an email from Bow Wow on Twitter exposing the rapper– begging her to be his girlfriend.

The email (below) contains Bow Wow’s number (which is removed) and Cash Money email address.

According to theGreatMonkeysuit, Delianna deleted her old Twitter account because it was hacked and recreated a new one trying to explain what really  happened and says she would never do that to anyone:

“I ain’t Tryna to pretend sh*t u idiot my old twitter got deleted too this is a new one and I don’t need to exposed nobody

I keep changing my pass this last 2 days and they keep going ! Ima about to erase all this sh*t !!!

Ppl that hates me obviously and wants to bring me down

Ya hacked my email , my twitter , then what’s next !!!!!”

However, since Urena and Bow’s private conversation back in December, she has then moved on and shared a pic of her new boo on Twitter:
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