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THE PLOT THICKENS: Shannon Brown CHEATED On Monica With A Jump Off!

9:17 PM GWL Staff 7 Comments

NBA baller Shannon Brown and R&B singer Monica might not be such a happy couple after-all, as a few jump-offs are now putting the baller on blast.

According to Bossip, One of Shannon’s old jumpoff's named Corie Zenobia recently took to Instagram to post all of Shannon’s DMs to her from 2011, not sure why she JUST now decided to “turn up” (has Shannon been trickin’ for silence all these years???). Regardless, Shannon is gonna have a lot of ‘explaining’ to do to Monica being that they were married in 2010.

Mediatakeout also got a hold of the messages:

Also, check out the pic of Corie below:

Your thoughts?


  1. Its fake....or he got hacked...I mean come on her face says everything-face= run bitch+stalker

  2. Jump offs b looking rough...

  3. Monica will come out on top.. ol girl thirsty for attention!!#MonicaFan

  4. Well Monica what comes around goes around huh?

  5. This b is Burt tn ugly