Hodari Sababu,

STRIPPER ALERT: The Game's Father Says His Son Was Stripping To Get By (VIDEO+PHOTOS)

6:31 PM Justin Whitt 6 Comments

The rapper The Game's stepfather, Hodari Sababu, has a very in-depth video regarding his life and career as a hustling black man living in Compton and his son Jayceon Taylor, otherwise known as The Game, which he recently released (below). 

According to Hodari, The Game used to strip for that money back in the day and he also speaks on how 50 Cent knew and would joke about it.

Peep the video below:


  1. I just lost my appetite!!! Ain't nobody wanna know that. eewwww!!

  2. LOL a dollar used to make the game holla!?! oh "Honeybooboo Chile!"

  3. So what when your young you do dumb shyt. Just own up to your shyt,Game. It's not a big deal who doesn't have a past. Your. TRUE fans still love you, so this attempt to hurt or humiliate you hasn't worked for me!!!!!!!

  4. How about he went to high school in Lancaster, CA and junior college. How about he was a server at Hometown Buffet. How about he got all those tattoos after becoming a part of G unit (trying to fit in). He was shot at his brother's house selling weed not dope. Oh yeah he didn't become a blood till he was a grown ass man. Smh fraud ...

  5. He can strip for me all damn day!!