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PSY Retires After His Biggest Hit “Gangnam Style” + African Dancers PERFORMS A TRIBUTE Video!

After creating one of the biggest hits of 2012 with over One Billion views on YouTube and announcing that he’s ending “Gangnam Style” after New Year’s Eve, Korean singer PSY has retired with his last performance being at the NYE concert in Times Square with MC Hammer on Monday and plans on going back to Korea to party the night away.

“Honestly, when I made this video I didn’t even expect 1 million views, because this is off my sixth album in Korea, so I just hoped it would be huge there,” PSY recently told MTV News. “I didn’t even think about any other countries; I just did my job and waited and watched. And, you know, today, I’m still wondering and analyzing its success. Because I’ve done this thing many times, this dance, this album, this video … this one just became something else entirely.”

Here’s what he had to say:

“Right now, my managers are saying I should just go back to Korea and party, so maybe I’ll just listen to them.” However, the singer says he’s unclear of future plans and what he’ll be doing in the New Year. 

Check out his last performance below:

Also, a group of Africans are sending Tribute to PSY by creating a tribute video for the retired hit-maker. Watch it below:

image credit: Getty

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