ON SET: Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z Shoots "Suit & Tie" Video + Rihanna SHOWS THE MEDIA No Love! [Photos + Video]

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"Married men" singer Justin Timberlake and rapper Jay-Z was spotted decked out in suits while goofing around on set of their new music video shoot for "Suit & Tie" in Los Angeles, earlier today.

The pair joked around as Justin held an umbrella to keep them dry as they walked back to the trailers. Check out the pics below:

"Suit & Tie" will be the first single off Justin's upcoming "20/20 experience" album, hitting stores on March 19th.


After leaving a West Hollywood night club last night, Rihanna was caught on tape cursing out a male paparazzi (in a nice way) after he was asking the songstress for free tickets to attend her "Diamonds World Tour" next month.

And her response, "Ya'll muthaf**kers better pay after making enough money off of me, bitches, bitches, free tickets not." 

Check out the footage below:

Plus, many fans on Instagram has been begging the starlet for the past couple of weeks now for free tickets. So ya'll don't deny it. LOL!

Image credit: PacificCoastNews/Zimbio


  1. Justin is so not cute to me anymore. What happened?!And Jay got that "old man" midsection.

    ....also I thought Rih was just being ratchet and rude. But she is just being herself and silly. She thanked them and starting joking aroun

  2. classic moments to the J-team
    nice grown man video.
    lmao that's right Robin .. Talk that Talk lol They make enough money from stalking ppl lives! lol they can very well buy tickets to stalk some more!
    word of that night!

    # Theses Nutz lmao

  3. So they are making a video now...thank god...because that "official lyric" video had me confused. I didn't know artist made videos specifically for lyrics like that.

  4. Lol Robyn better tell em... She's just being real.
    JT and JayZ better make that vid worth watching!

  5. And she said "Free tickets these nuts"