Chris Brown,

I WAS VIOLATED: Frank Ocean Accused Of Copping A Feel Of A Man's Butt During Chris Brown Brawl!

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Not only is R&B singer Frank Ocean being accused of starting a parking lot brawl with "Fortune" singer Chris Brown last Sunday night in Los Angles, that left both recording artist and several other's injured,-- the singer is now accused of allegedly grabbing a 32 year-old Westlake Studio male employee's butt during the fight.

According to the employee, Alex Perez, who's a sound engineer at the studio, claims he was in the middle of the fight between both camps when someone believed to be Ocean copped a feel of his butt (talk about eye's on the prize). In which Perez was very adamant about his claims.

However, there's no word on whether Perez has filed a sexual harassment suit against the "Channel Orange" hit-maker.

Plus, on Monday, Ocean began shooting his latest "Channel Orange" flick entitled, "Forrest Gump." Check out the pics below:

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  3. Right in the middle of being beaten he decides to cop a feel GMAFB

  4. I totally believe this man.

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