Chris Brown,

Frank Ocean Started The Fight With Chris Brown....Surveillance Tape Confirms! + Brown Agrees To Give Full Details!

1:43 AM GWL Staff 5 Comments

On Monday, many media sites were reporting that Chris Brown started the parking lot brawl between him and Frank Ocean outside of the Westlake Studio on Sunday night, and now a surveillance tape confirms that Frank was at fault and has been lying about Breezy throwing first punch.

Tmz reports, police official sources says Chris' lawyer, Mark Geragos, has already contacted detectives and said the singer is ready to give full details about the alleged altercation.

And despite the video tape showing the last part of the fight because they moved to lobby; the lawyer then states his client is as clean as a whistle-- not throwing a single punch.


  1. Now Frank Ocean wants to file charges for what? I pray for Chris.

  2. SMH @ Frank Ocean..his a punk...why is he throwing victim...I would have had more respect for him if he had been honest..

  3. Who gives a fuck about two bitch boys pussy fight gtfoh wit dat weak shit real news please

    1. It must be real new cuz yo ass sho did run to read and comment on it! Lmao

  4. They are determined to take CB down one way or the other! All the money and fame in the world ain't worth the isht he goes thru smh. No wonder he stays high.