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Fantasia's Unveils "Lose To Win" Single Cover + Goes On A RANT Over Gay Comments!

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28 year-old R&B soul singer Fantasia, who is back on the music scene with a more slender figure after months of gym action and diet plans, has unveiled the new "Lose To Win"(available for download on January 8th) single cover.

The singer rocked a brown fur coat with a gold choker and no bra for the cover shoot. Nice!

Plus recently, Fanny commented on gay marriage and states she does not approve of it via instagram:
"I Rise ABOVE IT ALL!!! THE WORLD IS GONE MAD. KIDS, THE GOVERNMENT, THE church House… Everybody Trying!!!!!!! Its a lot that going on that the Bible speaks about we should Not be doing. Weed legal in some places, Gay Marriage Legal BUT YET IM JUDGED!!! Im not doing Nothing for you… My Life!!!
After receiving a lot of backlash from the gay community and fans on both Instagram and Twitter, the singer tried apologizing for the gay marriage remarks by saying:
"It has been brought to my attention that something I said was taken out of context," the Grammy winner noted. "I, Fantasia Monique Barrino, don't judge anyone because I don't want to be judged. The gay community is one of my largest supporters. I support the gay community as they support me. Bloggers please stop misrepresenting the facts."
Apparently, the singer is still upset about the whole thing and has sent out a series of messages for anyone or everyone who's with her or against her. Here's what she had to say:

She then sent a message to haters:

Here's also a statement that was released by Fanny's PR team on December 31st:


  1. that coat she has on . . . is quite interesting. cobalt.

  2. Any! & Everything!! One does now a days is being scrutinized!! Makes no Damn sense!! Ri Ri dumb for Chris or he wrong for doing her & kar like that?! Uhm?!! How about shut da fuck up!! & let people just Live!! Live their Own Lives.. Ugggh!! Gay marriage is illegal?! Oh yet we have Catholic Priests fucking lil boys!! Priorities People!! I get what Fantasia was Saying & I'm sure da Mfrs!! That's pouring salt on her get it too!! Just gotta make something out ta Nothing!! Does anyone have Their Own Lives anymore?

  3. Another person who should not have twitter

  4. People took her comment out of context...smh

  5. Well at least she set the matter straight in fannie fashion. I still wish she'd go back to school and finish her education- until then- at least get a ghost writer to respond to the embarrassment you seem to always find yourself in. Fannie critically needs to lean how to think, think, think...

  6. She's just doing all this nonsense so she can hope that people can keep talking about her until her next album flops on arrival.