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EWWW: Mimi Faust Expose Benzino’s Dirty Little DILDO Secret!

Just when you thought Benzino chowing down on a white girl’s Lotus Flower Bomb wasn’t nasty enough, he as to go and ruin it! 

The “Love & Hip Hip: Atlanta” star reportedly likes getting f*** in the butt and there’s a sex-tape to prove it. (Free Up The TAPE!)

According to a nasty Twitter feud between Mimi Faust and Benzino earlier this week on Twitter, Faust says Benzino and Stevie J are no longer friends, and Benzino is a drug addict who likes it in the a**. 

Here’s what the tweets had to say:

Benzino: “Listen Josli…I mean mimi, stop tryna act like you so fuckin holy. I know about your menage with the baddest puta.” 

Mimi: “This coming from the biggest coke head in the word that lets his girl KITTY fuck him in the ass with a dildo!” 

Benzino: “So if you ate Jo’s pussy then y u always mad at her?” 

Mimi: “No lets talk about dicks in your ass!! oh I know it’s for TV <> you getting fucked in your ass with a dildo was not on or for TV or was it? You suppose to be the classy one tho <> & u suppose 2 b a
heterosexual!! Get off my timeline wit ya gossiping ass!!”

Here’s what Mimi told HSK,

“Benzino and Stevie don’t kick it no more because Benzino wants to fuck all of Stevie’s girls. He’s trying to get back in good with Stevie because we about to start filming soon and he needs Stevie to be on the show.

Karlie Redd told me Benzino claimed he fucked Joseline. How could he be a friend of Stevie’s and he’s trying to get with me? I remember a few months back when him and Stevie were arguing on the phone, Stevie told him, ’I’m bringing your bitch Kitty from Miami out here so she could come on the show and tell us all how she used to fuck you in the ass.’

When he and Stevie were beefing, Benzino used to text message me at 3AM in the morning asking me what I’m doing?

Benzino needs to learn to say no to drugs.”

Um okay!

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