Chad Ochocinco,

Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson DEFENDS Evelyn Lozada After Fan Calls Her A "Slore"

11:01 AM GWL Staff 4 Comments

Still unemployed NFLer Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson (who seems to be employed by Twitter) recently defended his estranged wife, Evelyn Lozado on  the popular social networking site after a fan called the reality star a "Slore," while asking the baller why did he wife her.

Chad quickly slammed the fan by saying, "Yo moma a slore f--k ni**a." But this isn't the first time he's heard some harsh comments about the "Basketball Wives: Miami" star, which makes us wonder what made him respond this time? Maybe they are shacking up since they are now living together.


  1. I'm glad they are back together

  2. Good..he's suppose to stand up for the one he loves

  3. That's right chad, defend ur whore!