A$AP Rocky,

A$AP Rocky Addresses Gay Photo Leaked & Name-Drops The Guy Who Released The Pic! [Audio]

2:39 PM GWL Staff 7 Comments

Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky is now addressing a photo that was leaked online late last year November of him and a dude about to LIP-LOCK. And the photo was definitely taken way before he became a break out star.

The rapper chatted with our friend Sana G over at KMEL radio, where he called out the guy responsible for the photo being leaked to media (says, they are now enemies) while claiming that the pic is photoshopped. 

Listen to the interview:

And If you asked that pic has never seen the PHP service, just saying! 


  1. cn you say damage control (RED)

  2. OOOooooKaay, green

  3. By him saying it's photoshop makes it seem suspicious - if he were straight, he would've just it's not what it looks like as they were not actually kissing. Now, I'm inclined to think he does actually have a little sugar in his tank...

  4. ...I like his style though and I'm a girl. He is handsome man and he dresses phly. That track with him, Drake and 2Chains 'F'ing Problem' is my jam! Wanna see him with his hair loos e sometime.