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Rihanna SPAZZES on a Fan – Calls Her a B-tch But What For?

Rihanna is on a RAMPAGE, Enraged at a comment made by one of her fans.  I guess what she’s smoking might come in handy…

This weekend past, the popular recording artist, Rihanna, completely went off on one of her fans on Instagram for their comment on the above photo.  Rihanna is known to be quite graceful and apparently unaffected by what the tabloids and fans have to say about her, but in this case she could not hold her temper.

      The fan comments, “She’s going to end [up] like Whitney if she keeps doing drugs like she’s doing now.”  Rihanna responds, “Yea cuz Whitney overdosed on a joint. F-ck outta here you weak b-tch!!”  A picture of the fiasco is shown below.

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