Rick Ross

Rick Ross Cancels North Carolina Concerts After Death Threats!

1:50 PM GWL Staff 4 Comments

Rapper Rick Ross has cancelled his upcoming Greensboro and Charlotte, North Carolina concerts for this weekend due to death threats.

Many media outlets are reporting that a North Carolina chapter of the Gangster Disciples recently sent the rapper a series of death threats for referencing the gang in a few of his lyrics.

According to TheGreatMonkeySuit:
The threats stem from the Gangster Disciples, who have a beef with Ross. The North Carolina Chapter recently put out a YouTube video warning him to stay out of Charlotte.

Tickets can be refunded starting Friday, Live Nation Entertainment group said in a statement.

In the rap video the Disciples are upset because Ross mentions the name of the founder of the street gang and uses the Star of David to promote himself. That symbol is used by the gang.


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