Kenya Moore,

"Real Housewives Of Atlanta" Kenya Moore's Boyfriend Walter DUMPS Her For An Aspiring Singer? (Photos)

1:04 PM GWL Staff 10 Comments

We knew some bullsh*t like this was about to go down!

It appears that "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Kenya Moore's boyfriend Walter has allegedly dumped the former Miss USA for an aspiring singer/songwriter named Christon Ingram. And has been seen in public together at a recent basketball game.

According to the reports, Kenya's flirtatious ways that may have played apart in her recent split. However, Kenya has released a statement about the Apollo incident, and denies trying to sleep with him.

image credit: YBF


  1. Still hate the bitch Kenya!!!

  2. I totally agree she is a true dumb bitch

  3. Hahahaha...that's what Kenya gets. Thank GAWD Walter seen thru that textured foundation she wears. I can't stand that fake villian role she's trying to create to stay relevant.

  4. Thank goodness... Now she can have a seat.. She ain't got no game.. Who ask a dude to have this baby without defining the relationship.. A lil more.. Don't u want to discuss direction for life, not harp on just a family.. Bad business. Both of them.. #Pray

    1. She acts too desperate if you ask me, major turnoff.

  5. She is so sad!!!!!!!! Enough said

  6. No wonder no one has married her !!!! That speaks

  7. She's desperate... what a bad look

  8. This woman has no class. She had a potty mouth. Is also a disgrace to the Miss USA title. How dare she compare herself to Beyonce. She can't hold a candle to her. Kenya always looks like she's mad at the world. Very loud and looks hard looking.

  9. Please get rid of her shes not married .....housewives??????? Shes to desperate can u say thristy...