Katt Williams

Katt Williams CLOSES THE CURTAINS On His Stand-Up Comic Career! (Video)

12:24 PM GWL Staff 3 Comments

Comedian (not anymore) / actor Katt Williams just announced that he will no longer be doing stand-up comedy, in which he has already discussed with family members and the decision is final.

Williams made the sudden announcement on Seattle's KOMO News channel which ended in tears. Watch the video below:

The news comes in light of his recent arrests and reign of terror in California. 

Your thoughts?


  1. Uh um wat about da show in indy das been heavily promoted n im pretty sure ppl were plannin on attendn lol

  2. Quitting comedy, as rich as he's gotten from being a stand-up comic? He must be crazy!

  3. Maybe he need to find himself first... He kinda lost it.