Is Rapper Tyler The Creator COMING OUT?? He has a man crush on Kanye West ...

Apparently, Kanye West showed Tyler The Creator and the Odd Future crew some good hospitality when he appeared over the weekend at their OF pop-up shop in Hollywood. Based on Tyler's very perplexing expression he undoubtedly has a man crush on the Grammy Award-Winning rapper.
But he's not ashamed of it ! Tyler took to the streets of Twitter to rave about his mutual fan paying him and his crew a visit:

Tyler Tweets - "Hai My Friend Came By The OF Store Today (creep face haha),"

He also somberly mentioned giving Kanye an art piece he did in the past - "A YEAR AGO I GAVE YE A PIECE OF ART THAT I DID. HE WAS SUPER STOKED AND I WAS SUPER F*CKING STOKED. JUST THOUGHT ID TELL YOU."