Kanye West,

Is Rapper Tyler The Creator COMING OUT?? He has a man crush on Kanye West ...

3:19 AM Justin Whitt 0 Comments

Apparently, Kanye West showed Tyler The Creator and the Odd Future crew some good hospitality when he appeared over the weekend at their OF pop-up shop in Hollywood. Based on Tyler's very perplexing expression he undoubtedly has a man crush on the Grammy Award-Winning rapper.
But he's not ashamed of it ! Tyler took to the streets of Twitter to rave about his mutual fan paying him and his crew a visit:

Tyler Tweets - "Hai My Friend Came By The OF Store Today (creep face haha),"

He also somberly mentioned giving Kanye an art piece he did in the past - "A YEAR AGO I GAVE YE A PIECE OF ART THAT I DID. HE WAS SUPER STOKED AND I WAS SUPER F*CKING STOKED. JUST THOUGHT ID TELL YOU."