Chad Ochocinco,

FIRST APPEARANCE: Evelyn Lozada & Chad Ochocinco Dinner Date With Family In Miami! [Photos]

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"Basketball Wives: Miami" reality star Evelyn Lozada is all about second chances and moving on, as she allowed her estranged hubby, Chad Ochocinco, to move back into their Miami Mansion while dropping $8,000 on a Christmas gift for the unemployed NFLer-- to now going public with their relationship.

The duo made their first appearance together, (without a security team keeping them apart since their fight over the summer), at the Southstreet restaurant in Miami, on Sunday night. And was surrounded by Chad's family which includes his daughter Jicyra and mother.

Chad was also rocking his engagement ring, which leaves question about their VH1 spin show, "Ev & Ocho," airing in 2013.
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  1. Personally, If I was in the public eye I could never be seen with a guy that physically abused me. How embarrassing.

  2. So if you're going to allow a man to beat your ass and you take him back? Why do we have to hear about it? Next time, don't ask a neighbor to call 911. Just let him beat your ass, and you take your punishment quietly. SMH. I know Oprah and Iyanla are probably pissed. Lol

  3. Well, I hope he fixed himself. Some people can turn their life around and I hope he's one of them. Good luck to the both of them. Everybody needs love, maybe this is true.

  4. Her and rihanna... _/ attention whores

  5. He didn't beat her ass..chris brown beat rihanna..I can't call a headbutt beating someone ass..I'm glad they worked it long as they both got help for their problems they should be fine..

  6. I don't understand y either of them want to b together but then again no one else want em ...( Ye shrug )