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Did Tyga Really Made It Nasty With A Tranny, Who Says He’s A Versatile Bottom?

Wow, I guess everyone is living a double life???…. Now, a tranny-escort named, Blade, is claiming that rapper Tyga used to mess with her/he before hooking up with his new baby mama Blac Chyna and still is, plus says he’s a versatile bottom.

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Here’s what the source told HSK:

Tyga’s most recent trip to Make It Nasty with Blade happened this past weekend — not in Rack City — but Woodland Hills, California. That’s where we’re told Blade accepts in-call dates.

Tyga’s ‘Nasty’ is a versatile one which often happens fast. Know why? Because we’re told the rapper is In-N-Out, like the burger stand.

“Tyga ain’t from Compton, he’s from out here in the Valley.
Jacky,Tyga saw my transgender girlfriend this past weekend. Her name is ‘Blade’ she’s been seeing Tyga for two-years now.

She said he’s a versatile bottom. He likes to give oral and receive penetration.”

You know what, I’m done—Walks Away!!

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