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DESPERATION: Why is Chad Ochocinco TRYING TO RAP BATTLE Wale & Joe Budden ??

Unsigned NFL star… Chad Ochocinco has now challenged signed Maybach Music rapper Wale to a rap battle and vowed to destroy Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden. I’m hoping this a publicity stunt, as if the recently released nude porn shots weren’t enough…

The challenge and frankly illegitimate boasting originated from Chad’s Twitter page and escalated to Twitter replies from Joe:
Ochocinco Tweets – “@Wale After I battle and destroy @joebudden you can be my next victim, remember what I did to @meekmill #Bars” 

Joe Budden Tweets back – “@ochocinco @Wale @MeekMill u need to be tested for drugs bro. Lol,” – “@ochocinco I got 10 bars ready now!” 

– “@ochocinco lol… & I don’t write on holidays, so we’ll pick this up on Wednesday!”

It seems as though neither Wale, who didn’t seem to respond, or Joe really took Chad’s challenge seriously, but we will just have to wait and see on Wednesday!

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