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CONFESSIONS: P. Diddy Admits To SMASHING Usher Raymond? [Video]

This should have been in Usher Raymond’s confession song, as his former-mentor P. Diddy did an interview a few years ago admitting on-camera that he did in-fact slept with the R&B singer.

“We Used To Wake Up…I Mean… Damn. Pause!” “Ya know what I’m saying, this is my brother for real. We used to actually wrestle off of the, off of the, Frosted Flakes, said Diddy.

Because he used to always get up earlier than me, and now he’s one of the richest stars in the world – and I love him.”

Also, Kevin Hart who was in the video had this to say:

“Yo…What the f-ck did Puff just say?!?” Hart says. “Nobody’s gonna acknowledge this! Puff just said ‘We used to wrestle over the Frosted Flakes’ – and we’re streaming live! That was stupid! Listen…that was fu-king stupid!”

Check it out below:

So does this explain Diddy’s well shaven legs, manicured nails, keeping up his pretty looks with tons of facial products, hates breaking out in pimples and outrageous fashion style?

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