Frank Ocean

OH REALLY?.. Frank Ocean SMASHING Model Willy Cartier?

8:37 AM GWL Staff 4 Comments

R&B singer Frank Ocean is said to be dating model Willy Cartier, and was spotted at the recent GQ magazine's after party last weekend.

According to SandraRose, "Sources are saying that the R&B crooner and Willy might be an item. As Frank was seen side by side with the model, during their first public appearance in Los Angeles."

The duo has reportedly went on a dinner date since the GQ party, where Ocean then shared a pic of their lunch date:

Also, a few weeks ago, the singer penned a letter about finally being in love again. 

So our question is, is Cartier the love of his life or it's just another false report?...Your thoughts?

Check out the clip below:


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