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Lil Wayne Puts Nicki Minaj & Drake On Blast For Betraying Him & Says Nicki Used Him On Her “My Truth” E! Special?

There seemed to be some discrepancies in the “Young Money” camp, as boss man Lil Wayne is calling out his ‘YM’ princess Nicki Minaj for betraying him, and forgetting where she came from while outing Drake in her betrayal.

According to HollywoodStreetKing, Weezy is saying Nicki isn’t alone in her betrayal of those who helped her along the way, outing Drake as being guilty of the same.

Now – to Nicki – her truth may really hurt. Know why? Because Wayne decided to let it rip on Nicki, after she showed up to greet him with E! Television cameras in an apparent attempt to use his image for her three-part reality series “My Truth“.

Here’s what Lil Wayne had to say about Nicki Minaj:

“Ya’ll done got way too huge to come sit down…ya’ll don’t wanna sit down wit a ***** no more man.It aint just you, all ya’ll don’t wanna sit down with me no more.*I’m hurt about that…I’m actually hurt about that. 

You brought up a subject I really don’t want to go to…that’s a touchy subject. 

They all don’t fuck with me no more..*I help em out, ya know…I put em on, and then they just go and buy their matching Bentley’s and all that type of stuff. 

Ya know, they don’t think about the lil ***** no more…nuthing…it aint just you though…dat ***** in Toronto too”

Plus, according to new reports, Nicki might be feuding with her YM member Drizzy. 

During last night’s 2012 American Music Awards, Nicki was going up to receive her award when she reached over the rapper, and held on to Tyga in which she carried him on stage with her. Many onlookers are also claiming that Drake had a noticeable pissed off look on his face throughout the night.

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