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Beyonce Announces New HBO Documentary Film About Her Life, Debuting February 2013!

Multiple Grammy Winner/Entrepreneur/Actress Beyonce Knowles just announced that she will be debuting her intimate feature-length documentary film debuting on February 16, 2013, around the same time as her Super Bowl XLVII performance.

According to Bey, the film will be directed by her and is a fusion of video that provides raw, unprecedented access to her private entertainment life and high-voltage performances.

“Everybody knows Beyoncé’s music, but few know Beyoncé the person,” said Lombardo. “Along with electrifying footage of Beyoncé onstage, this unique special looks beyond the glamour to reveal a vibrant, vulnerable, unforgettable woman.” 

“HBO has a history of pushing every boundary with class and authenticity,” said Beyoncé. “Some of my favorite shows are on HBO, so I am excited that my film will be part of its bold programming. This film was so personal to me, it had to have the right home.”

The film includes extensive first-person footage, some of which is shot by Beyoncé on her laptop, reflects the realities of being a celebrity, the refuge she finds onstage and the transcendent joy of becoming a mother.

Plus, the main focus of the film is to shed some light on her childhood in Houston, Texas, with home movies revealing the close bond she built with her family and share challenges she felt when she decided to manage her career and build her own company, “Parkwood Entertainment.” 

And the film will also capture the intense physical and emotional demands she goes through in the studio, preparing for live performances, running a business and her family life including her return to the spotlight after giving birth to Blue Ivy Carter in January 2012.

Via Beyonce | HBO
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