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7 Surprisingly Common SEXUAL FANTASIES, That Could Even SPICE UP Her SEX Life!

Shhh…. But I have a very freaky side! 

So, are you a freak? Kinky? Twisted in the brain? Honestly, you’re probably not. The odd thing about these words is that they’re usually applied to fantasies and desires that nearly every woman has. The real “freak”—the odd man out—is the woman who thinks of nothing but monogamy and missionary. We’re animals. Society conditioned us to be conservative. But our natural tastes are something else entirely… See what I got lined up below:

Total stranger

Many women fantasize about grabbing that nervous bus boy at a restaurant, or steamy bartender at a dive bar, by the tie and dragging them to a dingy motel for a wild night of sex. Many women say they feel the only way they can completely let loose is with a total stranger who they will never see again. WE CALL THAT A HOOK UP!

Group sex

Kinda hot right… but there is something extremely liberating and erotic about being in a group of people, all completely exposed, switching off partners. It could tie back to the anonymous dynamic, since you rarely stay with partner for long, and each becomes a blur.


I love being pushed against the wall and taken advantage. Since men naturally have a more dominant presence in the other realms of life, in the bedroom many women fantasize about making a man obey their commands and beg for what they want. This could tie into the fact that, in business, women often feel at a disadvantage when trying to negotiate with men, feeling that they are “softer” whether they like it or not. They crave to feel completely in control for once


But then again, you do have those women who fantasize about being completely submissive. It makes them feel extra desired if a man is demanding them to perform sexual acts, as if he cannot control himself.

Putting on a show

There’s a little exhibitionist in all of us. Some women feel that having their sexual activity watched by an audience amplifies the “hotness” of it all..after all, someone else is being turned on by you being turned on. Of course, the potential of a video being leaked on YouTube instantly makes the fantasy screech to a halt.

Girl On Girl Action

Let’s face it: women are Hot. We are hairless, soft, sweat less, wear perfume. We just feel, taste and smellgooooood. Many women crave a night away from the rugged man to completely explore what it feels like to be with…well…themselves.

Glamourized prostitution

OMG I have to put this one, but it’s true. Similar to being dominated, women feel that if a man is willing to pay to be with them that they are ultra desired. Of course, regular women with this fantasy tend to glamourize it, imagining a handsome and wealthy client who wines and dines them. Or at the very least does them in the back of a Porsche.

Tell me what you think about these fantasies below, and if you have any questions feel free to email GWL!


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  3. Anonymous

    July 9, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    Cool! totally agree with the "we're animals" part…
    first 2 comments are shit

  4. Kerri

    July 9, 2012 at 11:48 pm

    Omg ive read this three times and I cant get enoug. Plus I totally agree…them two other comments are shit lol.

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