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Nicki Minaj DEBUTS ‘Now In The Moment’ Pepsi Commercial! [Extended Video]

Young Money Princess Nicki Minaj has been waiting for “this moment” for life, and she’s captured it with the help of Pepsi.

The “Starships” rapper stars in the latest Pepsi “Now In A Moment” commercial, which features the Young Money rapper frozen in time.

The journey begins with a young couple who roam across a world frozen in the moment. From sandy beaches to a Tokyo fashion show, when the Pepsi top pops, everything in time stops – just for a moment.

The young couple comes across Nicki Minaj trapped in a moment and with the pop of another Pepsi, the “Moment For Life” rapper comes to life in a riveting performance.

Take a look at Nicki Minaj’s new Pepsi commercial below:

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