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Multi-State Woman Fertilizer/NFL Player Antonio Cromartie Sued For $105K By The Bank Of NY!

After signing a new contract worth over $30M, the NFL superstar and baby daddy to 10 with several baby mama’s, Antonio Cromartie, has allegedly defaulted on a $135K loan, and now the Bank Of NY is suing him! See more details below……

According to TMZ, Antonio Cromartie, the infamous baby-making machine, is being sued by the Bank of NY for $105K in missed mortage payments on a small house in Tallahassee, FL.

Antonio bought the $135K home for his mom after he was selected in the 1st round of the 2006 NFL Draft. But for some reason, he agreed to a high ass 9.7% interest rate.

The Bank of NY claims Antonio stopped making payments in 2010 and now they want their coins.

Maybe Antonio isn’t getting along with his mom and is doing this for spite because he recently signed a 4-year contract worth $32 million with the Jets. Wonder what the excuse will be. Or maybe there’s no bill money after paying off all the baby mamas……

Also swirling rumors were claiming that his wife Terricka is expecting twins, which would bring the total number of kids to 12, and that is false. She tweeted it (and a random sonogram) as a joke as she claimed media kept getting the stories about their family incorrect.

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