Lil Kim,

Lil' Kim - "Countin' Money" [New Music]

1:26 PM Gossipwelove 3 Comments

Queen Bee Lil' Kim has released a new single called "Countin' Money." As she prepares for her documentary and "Return Of The Queen" tour, the single is from her I.R.S. South mixtape Tax Season, released via her I.R.S. label.

The track is made for the clubs and has the Queen Bee going Hardcore again.

Listen to “Countin’ Money” below:


  1. This is what a female rapper sound like kim aint never changed into a image of the next bitch ya dig

  2. Givin Kim The (Forest) "Whitaker Eye". Girl Saddown, Lye Down, Whateva..... Just Go Away.

  3. Time to move on Kim..just like ur looks..