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Kim Kardashian Wanted Reconcile With Reggie Bush, But He Didn’t Want To!

Before Kim Kardashian even considered having an affair with Kanye West, she was trying to spend some time in Miami with ex-boyfriend, Reggie Bush. Kim K attempted to reconcile with the football player, but he ultimately decided not to because they weren’t compatible and wanted different things in life. More details below……………

We recently reported that Kim was spotted leaving Mr. West’s NYC apartment last Thursday morning wearing the same outfit she was wearing on her date with the hip hop star on Wednesday. Plus a HICKEY. Also Kanye confirms his love for Kardashian in his new song, Theraflu.

A source is saying that, Reggie Bush will always love Kim, but he just doesn’t see a future with her.”
Bush also expressed concern about the timing of the attempted reconciliation.

“Yes, Kim is no longer is with Kris Humphries and the divorce will become final soon, but it hasn’t even been a year since the wedding. Reggie felt that getting back together with her would be a step backwards for him and he moved on a very long time ago,” the source says. “Reggie doesn’t have any bad feelings towards Kim and he only wants the best for her but he told her she should spend some time on her own for awhile. Several weeks after he had that conversation with her she went public with Kanye, affirming that he made the right decision.”

Can you imagine when kim really settles down, start having kids and when they grow up they will somehow find out “oh, mommy was a Hollywood whore”..Im just saying!
Also, and this one’s for Reggie, are guys suppose to have butts like yours??
If yes, and in that case I salute you with the award below>

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