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Eva Marcille SIGNS New Reality Show Deal, Plus Says: ‘It’s Not The Wives Club Of Sports, It’s The Friendship Club Of Life’!

April 07, 2012GWL Staff

America’s Next Top Model winner / Supermodel Eva Marcille is preparing to share with you behind the scenes of her career and personal life on a new reality show on Oxygen. The series will follow Eva and her three close friends; interior designer Nikki Chu, actress Denyce Lawton and music manager Kelly Marie Dunn as they hustle and bustle behind the scenes in Hollywood. More details below.....

During a recent interview with Humor Mill magazine, Eva and her friends talked about what the new show will reveal, and their life in Hollywood behind the glitz. She also promised that there won’t be any faking the drama for the cameras and ratings.

Check out what more she had to say below:

On the Show
The thing about television is, a lot of things are produced and clearly you have to produce a show, but this type of a show, it gels so well with Reality TV because it’s really our lives and us as friends. You see the glitz and glamor of the finished product of what Hollywood gives, but you never really see the true struggle. And I don’t mean those that have rich parents or have that big heiress legacy, but those that traveled from across the world, that moved to California, that decided this was gonna be where they made their mark.

We have each other to help each other out, so it’s not like the wives clubs of basketball or of sports, but it’s the friendship club of life and I think all women can relate to that no matter what it is that you do.

On Not Faking it For the Cameras
For myself, a lot of the world knows who I am so I have already an idea, so it’s only so much faking you can do and even if I tried, all of you guys would pull my card anyway. But this is what we do for a living. We’re not showing you a script on a screen. I’m showing you what I do when I wake up in the morning and try to go out and try to seek work and sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes it’s an epic failure and my friends help pick me up. [Denyce] has that same struggle and I think for us that are actually actors in the business it’s a little bit harder because there is this idea that you have…this preconceived notion that when you see I’m X, Y, and Z, then you watch the show you realize I’m not X, Y, or Z. I’m actually A, B, and C. It’s completely different moment so you get to see from what you thought something was to seeing the full spectrum of what life in entertainment really is.

On Reality TV Forcing People to See Celebrities as Real PeopleThe thing is — not to make this all a moment — is that it humanizes celebrities because you look at a celebrity and you realize it’s not a battery pack back there and they’re actually a person with blood and they need to eat everyday like everybody else and they’re human. So to stand around and take pictures for the next 3 hours is kind of like, tiring, but they don’t think about that. They’re like, ‘You’re a celebrity, do it.’ Now you can kind of see what a day in the life is and that we live the same life as you. We have to smile because if we didn’t we’re a b—h and it’s like, okay, I just had gas. It gives you an inside look at the entertainment beyond the glitz.

See the vid below:

The show is currently untitled, but is scheduled to premiere this Summer on Oxygen.

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  1. That Asian girl to the right looks like
    Cat lady …sorry

  2. You mean looking like a Thunder Cat… LOL

  3. LMAO! you two are terrible! i will definately be watching! Becuz I LOVE fashion! Notice the constant shade shown to the “other” reality shows lmfao!! Yes it will be gr8 to have a break from all the other ratchetness!

  4. I really dont understand these reality shows now-a-days
    I like Eva alot, but i honestly dont know what would be the point of
    her doing a reality show…they just give these things out
    to anybody now…the whole thing is just….ehhhh.
    Oxygen always does random “reality” shows like this.
    Shes a cool chick….buttt a whole show….*shrugs*

  5. I’m assuming shes doing this for some exposure
    But if the show is about four girl friends getting
    Together and just having a lot of positivity then
    I hope she know there isn’t too many people who
    Are going to be tuning in .

  6. I like Eva the Diva lolll. I will give the show a chance…
    UMMM When is Single Ladies coming back?! Eva would have been a good replacement for Val.

  7. I love when people try to talk up their reality show like its better than the next. Most reality shows are pseudo celebrities that want attention, and this seems like one of them. I can probably give you a break down of an episode: one of them has an audition, makes a phone call to talk about it. Another one goes on a date, they all go to lunch and talk and laugh about how bad it was, how they all want a relationship and how hard it is dating in the industry. -__-

  8. Unless these “close” friends are gonna go two on two in a carpet munching no t!ttie barred marathon, I will not be watching!!!

  9. Yeah yeah yeah we shall see, we already know if their is no drama there are no ratings and without ratings there will be no show. Hopefully they can keep it classy but Eva was a trip on Next Top Model so I can only imagine how she’ll be on her very on show. I’ll give it a try

  10. I am so tired of reality shows. What happened to the good ole sitcoms? =(

  11. Is it me or is this an extremely random reality show? Like who’s out there thinking ‘I wonder what Eva and her friends are up to today”?? Don’t get me wrong, I know she’s ‘celeb’, but she’s not of high caliber and she hasn’t done anything scandalous, or anything that led to blog frenzy, nor has she dated some useless athlete/has been rapper, so i’m not understanding why this has come


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